RGA Shatters Fundraising Records, Raises $22.1 Million

The Republican Governors Association announced raising $22.1 million for the first half of the year, eclipsing the amount raised for the entire year in 2007, the last comparable election year. The RGA’s 2011 fundraising total also significantly outpaces that from 2008 and 2009.

“The RGA’s fundraising success was a true team effort and every Republican governor deserves to share in the credit. The RGA’s record breaking fundraising reflects our governors’ position as the leaders of our Party,” said RGA Chairman Rick Perry. “Republican governors are proving that the states are the most effective places from which to transform and save our country, and the RGA benefits from their leadership.”

The RGA has also retired all of the more than $3 million in debt it carried into the year and has $16.2 million cash on hand, twice the amount it had on June 30, 2007.

“The RGA has become the nation’s most impactful political organization and the most effective place to invest for those who believe limited government and free market solutions are the keys to solving our country’s challenges,” said RGA Vice Chairman Bob McDonnell. “In state after state, Republican governors are showing what it means to lead with the next generation in mind.”

Money Raised As Of June 30

2011: $22.1 MILLION

2009: $12.2 MILLION

2008: $15.1 MILLION

2007: $12.3 MILLION

Cash On Hand As Of June 30

2011: $16.2 MILLION

2007: $8.1 MILLION