RGA Seizes 30 Governorships; Most GOP Governors Since 2000

Equals Most GOP Governors Since 2000

The RGA will gain at least one governor’s office tonight and increase the number of Republican governors to 30 nationwide. That’s the highest number of governorships held by either party in 12 years, and 2013 will mark just the 10th year since the end of the Great Depression that the GOP has held 30 or more governor’s offices.

“There’s no doubt that the Republican Party’s strength comes from the states, and the RGA’s ability to expand our majority provides optimism for the future,” said RGA Chairman Bob McDonnell. “In the states, Republican governors are providing the type of results-oriented leadership that is absent in Washington, D.C. They’ve eliminated massive budget deficits while reducing the tax burden, reformed entitlements and long-term fiscal liabilities and enacted the most comprehensive education reforms in a generation.”