RGA Releases New Web Video In Rhode Island and Connecticut: “Race To The Bottom”

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Republican Governors Association released a new web video in Rhode Island and Connecticut today, highlighting the unfortunate race to the bottom between Democrat Governors Gina Raimondo and Dan Malloy.

Watch the new web video here: https://youtu.be/VJGqmLGgRns

For years, the poor leadership and failed policies of Dan Malloy and Gina Raimondo have caused Connecticut and Rhode Island to fall further behind the rest of the region as taxes have increased and both states have struggled to rebound from the recession that occurred a decade ago.  In recent months, the rhetoric over which state is in worse shape has expanded to the pages of the Hartford Courant and the Providence Journal in dueling editorials attacking the neighboring states.

The fight escalated recently when Raimondo, the Vice Chair of the Democratic Governors Association, attacked Malloy and Connecticut for their “blossoming debt.” As they argue over which state has the worst business climate and which state is the most poorly run, both governors have succeeded in making their states the least prosperous, least employed, and least economically stable places in New England. While Malloy and Raimondo may disagree with each other, voters in both states agree that it’s time for new leadership come November.  Malloy decided to quit rather than face voters again, and as recent polls numbers have shown, Raimondo is in serious trouble in Rhode Island.