RGA Releases New Video In Ohio Governor’s Race: “Meet Richard Cordray” 

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Republican Governors Association released a new video in the Ohio governor’s race today, highlighting Richard Cordray’s record as a power-hungry, self-serving Washington D.C. bureaucrat.

Watch the new video here: youtu.be/fk1x75kHY_o

“After spending years in Washington, D.C. mismanaging a scandal-plagued federal agency as a high-paid insider, Richard Cordray now wants to use Ohio’s highest office to satisfy his power-hungry ambitions,” said RGA spokesman John Burke. “Richard Cordray represents the worst kind of politician and has shown time and again that he is out for himself, not the people of Ohio.”


Meet Richard Cordray, the power-hungry, self-serving D.C. bureaucrat.

Cordray spent years in Washington as a high-paid insider.

With scandals mounting, Cordray quit one job and moved to Ohio to beg for another.

Richard Cordray, the worst kind of politician, out for himself.