RGA Releases New TV Ad In Nevada Governor’s Race: “Dangerous”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association released a new television advertisement in the Nevada governor’s race today, highlighting Democrat Steve Sisolak’s support for a massive federal government takeover of healthcare.

Watch the new RGA Nevada TV Ad here: youtu.be/6O9ZrtEnLDo

“Steve Sisolak’s support for Single-Payer healthcare is a dangerous prescription for Nevada,” said RGA spokesman John Burke. “Under the proposal that Sisolak supports, employer-based plans would become illegal and income taxes would double. Nevada families can’t afford Steve Sisolak as governor.”


Steve Sisolak, listen to what he said about a massive federal takeover of our healthcare system

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Here’s what that could mean

Make your employer-based healthcare plan illegal

Take decisions away from you and your doctor

All while doubling our income taxes

Steve Sisolak: government takeover of healthcare, a dangerous prescription for Nevada