RGA Releases New TV Ad In Louisiana Governor’s Race, “His Word”

WASHINGTON, DC – RGA Right Direction PAC, an organization supported by the Republican Governors Association (RGA), today released its second television ad in the Louisiana governor’s race. The ad, titled “His Word,” highlights Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards’ repeated promises as a candidate that he would not raise taxes, promises that were swiftly broken when he took office and immediately moved to institute tax hikes.

The spot includes clips of three different instances in which then-candidate Edwards stated that he would not raise taxes if elected governor. However, within months of taking office in 2016, he pushed through the largest tax hike in Louisiana history, raising the sales tax – a tax increase that “tends to hurt poor people the most” according to the New Orleans Times-Picayune – by 25 percent. This left Louisiana, already struggling with workers leaving the state, saddled with the highest sales tax rate in the country.

View the ad at www.johnbeledwards.fyi.


“John Bel Edwards gave the people of Louisiana his word when he asked for their vote, then immediately betrayed their trust and showed his true colors as a typical tax-hiking Democrat,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “Voters are sick and tired of politicians like John Bel Edwards who are willing to do or say anything to get elected.”

The ad will run on broadcast and cable stations statewide.

“His Word” Script:

John Bel Edwards gave us his word. 

Moderator [Debate Clip]: “Will you raise taxes on individuals or businesses?”  

Edwards [Debate Clip]: “No”


Edwards [Debate Clip]: “I am not going to look at raising taxes.”

And again.

Edwards [Debate Clip]: “I don’t have a plan to raise taxes.”

But he did raise taxes.

Highest sales tax in the country.

He broke his promise and we are paying the price.

The national economy is booming.

But Louisiana is ranked dead last and is being left behind.

Higher taxes. Lost jobs. That’s John Bel Edwards.

Paid for by RGA Right Direction PAC.