RGA Releases New TV Ad In Louisiana Governor’s Race Highlighting Job Losses Under John Bel Edwards

WASHINGTON, D.C. – RGA Right Direction PAC, an organization supported by the Republican Governors Association (RGA), today released its third television ad in the Louisiana governor’s race. Titled “Only One,” the ad exposes Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards’ false rhetoric on the state’s economy as election-year spin to mask the job losses and poor economic performance that have occurred on his watch.

The 30-second spot includes footage from Edwards’ own campaign ads claiming Louisiana’s economy has improved, contrasted with the reality of worst in the nation economic rankings and thousands of lost jobs. Fewer Louisianans are working, and more are fleeing the state. Since Edwards took office in 2016, the state has lost 5,900 jobs – more than any other state – despite a booming national economy, and Louisiana was the only state in the nation to lose jobs over the past year. As the publisher of the Greater Baton Rouge Business Report pointed out this week, Edwards has “created a deficit of jobs when Louisiana needs a surplus.”

View the new ad here: www.johnbeledwards.fyi.

Only One

“Phony talking points and election-year spin can’t change the fact that John Bel Edwards’ economy has failed Louisiana families,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “By misleading Louisiana voters about the abysmal state of the economy thanks to his liberal tax-and-spend agenda, John Bel Edwards has made it clear the only job he really cares about is his own.”

“Only One” Script:

Edwards campaign ad footage: “Louisiana’s economy is much better off today than we were three years ago.”

Stop, that’s not true.

Thousands of jobs have been lost since John Bel Edwards become governor.

Edwards: “Our economy has never been stronger.”

Not true. The truth is Louisiana was the only state in America that lost jobs in the last year.

The. Only. One.

John Bel Edwards is only worried about one job, his own.

We deserve better.

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