RGA Releases New TV Ad In Kentucky Governor’s Race, “Takeover”

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Putting Kentucky First, an organization supported by the Republican Governors Association (RGA), today released its latest television ad in the Kentucky governor’s race. Titled “Takeover,” the ad highlights Andy Beshear’s record of backing liberal government-run healthcare.

View the ad at www.RealAndyBeshear.com.


National Democrats are poised to move America’s healthcare system even farther to the left, led by extreme liberals like Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren. They began the process of having the government take control over health care in 2010 by enacting Obamacare, which even liberal economist Paul Krugman admitted was designed to “rope, coddle, and nudge” the country into the socialist-style single-payer healthcare system that the left wing has long been clamoring for.

The result? Healthcare costs have skyrocketed, forcing hardworking Kentucky families to pay more. Andy Beshear has been a committed cheerleader for Obamacare from day one, and he’s doubling down. Just like the Washington liberals who want to eliminate employer-provided health coverage, Beshear supports increasingly radical healthcare policies of his own, including pledging that he would “absolutely” support giving taxpayer-funded healthcare benefits to people who are able to work, but choose not to. 

“Instead of working to make healthcare more affordable for Kentucky families, Andy Beshear is once again proving that his ideas are more in line with liberal Washington politicians than the people of Kentucky,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “Andy Beshear’s proposals would expand the government takeover of healthcare, drive costs even higher, and leave hardworking taxpayers stuck with the bill. Kentucky can’t afford another Beshear.”