RGA Releases New TV Ad In Georgia Governor’s Race: “Truth”

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Republican Governors Association released a new television advertisement in the Georgia governor’s race today, highlighting Democrat Stacey Abrams’ choice to loan her own campaign $50,000 instead of paying her $54,000 tax bill.

Watch the new ad here: youtu.be/72FEMine86M

“After making over $1 million, Stacey Abrams had the ability to pay her $54,000 tax bill, but instead loaned $50,000 to her political campaign,” said RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson. “The facts are indisputable: Abrams had the money to pay her taxes, but she chose to put her political ambitions over paying her fair share. Abrams made her choice, and Georgia voters deserve to know the whole truth.”


“The people of Georgia should hear the truth.”

Instead of Stacey Abrams dancing around the truth.

One: Stacey didn’t pay her taxes.

Two: She had the money. She made over a million dollars the last five years.

Three: Stacey chose to loan fifty thousand dollars to her campaign instead of paying her fifty-four thousand dollar tax bill.

Doesn’t pay her taxes. Wants to raise ours. Stacey is wrong for Georgia.