RGA Leadership: Include Governors in Health Care Summit

Republican Governors Association leadership called on the White House today to include governors in the health care summit scheduled for Thursday, February 25th.

“If the White House is truly interested in moving health care reform forward, they need to invite governors to the health care summit,” said RGA Chairman Haley Barbour. “After seeing the bipartisan reaction from governors to the previous healthcare bills, it simply makes sense for the White House to seek input from governors before unveiling new legislation that could again be untenable to state governments.”

“Governors best understand the impact any federal health care bill would have on the citizens in their states and on their state budgets,” Barbour added. “They should be included in next week’s meeting.”

Earlier this week, RGA Vice Chairman Tim Pawlenty wrote a letter to the President urging him “to invite governors to assist… in this matter, since they have hands-on experience reforming health care in our states.”

“Governors are major stakeholders in federal health care reform and should be at the table as it is being discussed,” said Governor Bob McDonnell, a member of RGA’s Executive Committee.  “We know the importance of reforming the current health care system and are ready to offer our ideas.”