RGA Launches TV Ad: “Litany”

The Republican Governors Association launched a new television advertisement today outlining a litany of failures by Jon Corzine during his term as governor. The ad can be viewed at http://www.jerseypays.com/splash.

“Jon Corzine is spending his fortune on attack ads and is apparently unable to talk about his true record,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “We know times are tough, so we wanted to help Jon highlight all that he’s done as governor.”

“People sometimes forget that Corzine hiked taxes by a billion dollars – not just once, but twice,” Schrimpf said. “That’s really quite a feat and shows how determined Corzine is to keep New Jersey the most overtaxed state in the nation. Some governors go an entire 8 years without raising taxes.”

“Of course, you can’t have a big tax hike without wasting money and Corzine mastered that too,” Schrimpf continued. “From overpaying for state contractors to making risky investments with retirees’ pensions, Jon Corzine has brought Wall Street excess to Trenton and cost the state billions.”

“You can’t forget the corruption either,” Schrimpf said. “Some of Corzine’s closest allies were arrested and one of his own cabinet member’s homes was raided by the FBI.”

“There’s a lot more Corzine can be talking about too,” Schrimpf added. “The $10 billion deficit, the negative credit rating, the record high unemployment…”

“Maybe Corzine just doesn’t know where to start,” Schrimpf concluded.