RGA Launches Television Ad: Tom Barrett + Kathleen Falk = Higher Taxes and Fewer Jobs

The Republican Governors Association today launched a television ad highlighting the failed big government records of Tom Barrett and Kathleen Falk.  The ad can be viewed at www.highertaxesfewerjobs.com.

“When Scott Walker took office, Wisconsin was broken.  Eight years of Governor Jim Doyle and a massive tax hike had failed,” said RGA Executive Director Phil Cox. “The budget was $3.6 billion in the hole and the state had lost 150,000 jobs over the previous three years.”

“Now, Tom Barrett and Kathleen Falk want to return Wisconsin to the failed policies of the past, with higher taxes and fewer jobs,” Cox added.

“Scott Walker’s reforms have Wisconsin moving in the right direction. The budget is balanced and the state is adding jobs,” Cox said.  “Governor Walker’s leadership will keep Wisconsin moving forward.”