RGA Launches StandWithScott.com

The Republican Governors Association today launched www.StandWithScott.com to promote the positive impact Governor Scott Walker’s reforms have made in Wisconsin.  The site will regularly be updated with videos highlighting the results of Walker’s time as governor.

“When Governor Walker took office, he recognized that the status quo in Wisconsin was unacceptable. It was failing Wisconsin’s taxpayers and families.” said RGA Chairman Bob McDonnell.  “The state’s debt was unsustainable, and the Governor immediately confronted a $3.6 billion deficit. To ensure a strong future, Scott knew that positive and bold action was needed immediately.”

“Governor Walker tackled Wisconsin’s challenges head on, and his plan to turn around Wisconsin is working,” McDonnell continued.  “Within the past year, Wisconsin paid off nearly $1 billion in debt, and Governor Walker’s reforms helped close a $3.6 billion deficit without raising taxes and improved the state’s business climate. Thanks to Governor Walker’s leadership, the future prospects of Wisconsin’s taxpayers, families and job-creating business owners are brighter than ever.”