RGA Launches New Virginia Ads

The Republican Governors Association launched new television and radio advertisements today highlighting Creigh Deeds’ support for tax increases to pay for his massive spending plans. The TV ad can be viewed at www.nogooddeeds.org and you can listen to the radio ad at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hUJdq_xjf0

“We already know that Creigh Deeds wants to pump up spending in Richmond,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “So it’s no surprise that he wants to pump up the taxes too, even if it means further deflating the economy.”

The ads detail Creigh Deeds’ consistent support for increasing taxes on drivers as a legislator and as a candidate for governor.  Just last year, Deeds pushed for a law that would raise the gas tax every year for the next nine years. He even tried to raise gas taxes by 34 percent when prices at the pump were more than $4 per gallon. Last month, Deeds finally admitted that he would sign a tax increase bill as governor.

“Creigh Deeds’ repeated support for hiking the gas tax explains why he won’t unveil his transportation plan,” Schrimpf said. “Deeds’ real plan to ease traffic is to make it so expensive to drive that everyone stays home.”