RGA Launches New Kansas TV Ad Campaign Highlighting Rough Road Under Laura Kelly

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association launched a new TV ad in Kansas today calling out Democrat Laura Kelly for being anything but “middle of the road.” The ad, titled “Rough Road,” highlights some of Kelly’s most radical actions as governor, including vetoing over 20 tax cuts, work requirements for welfare, and legislation to protect women’s sports.

The ad is part of a new six-figure Republican Governors Association Kansas 2022 PAC investment airing on broadcast in the Kansas City, Topeka, and Wichita media markets. This latest investment follows the RGA’s recent announcement it has placed $3.5 million in ad reservations for September through Election Day.


“Democrat Laura Kelly has spent the entirety of her term being anything but ‘middle of the road,’ and the rough road is only going to get worse for Kansas families if she isn’t stopped in November,” said RGA spokeswoman Joanna Rodriguez. “From vetoing tax cuts that would have saved Kansans money to fighting commonsense work requirements for welfare recipients, Kelly has shown repeatedly she’s out-of-touch with Kansas values.”

“Rough Road” Transcript:

Laura Kelly: “I’ve always been pretty middle of the road.”

Announcer: “The middle? Laura Kelly’s on the wrong side of the road.

“Kelly opposed common sense efforts to ban men from competing against girls in high school sports.

“She stopped requiring healthy adults to look for work while receiving welfare checks.

“And your family is paying more because Laura Kelly vetoed over twenty tax cuts.

“Under Laura Kelly, our families are facing a rough road ahead.”