RGA Launches New Digital Campaign In Ohio: Who Is Richard Cordray?

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Republican Governors Association announced the launch of a new digital campaign today, detailing Washington D.C. Bureaucrat and Ohio Democrat gubernatorial candidate Richard Cordray’s record of mismanagement and failed leadership.

This digital campaign is housed at RichardCordray.fyi and will highlight news, research, and insights regarding why Ohioans can’t trust Cordray to lead.

“After spending years as Washington, D.C.’s most power-hungry, least accountable bureaucrat, Richard Cordray now wants to use Ohio’s highest office to continue pushing his radical anti-jobs agenda in the Buckeye State,” said RGA Communications Director Jon Thompson. “Cordray used his position at the CFPB to promote partisan politics and bureaucratic overreach, and then decided to plunge the agency into chaos on his way out the door as part of an eleventh hour political game. Cordray cannot be trusted to lead Ohioans as their next governor.”