RGA Launches NC Gov Race Ad

The Republican Governors Association launched its first television advertisement in the North Carolina gubernatorial election today. The spot highlights Lieutenant Governor Walter Dalton’s role as Governor Bev Perdue’s right-hand man and his support of job-crushing tax increases.

The ad can be viewed at www.PerdueDalton.com.

“Voters wondering what Walter Dalton would be like as governor need only look at the disappointing record the Perdue-Dalton administration has compiled over the past four years,” said RGA Executive Director Phil Cox. “Under Walter Dalton’s leadership, taxes have gone up and thousands of jobs have been lost. Today, North Carolina has the fourth highest unemployment rate among the states and the worst in the Southeast.”

“No matter how hard he tries, it’s impossible for Walter Dalton to run away from Bev Perdue,” Cox added. “The only difference between Bev Perdue and Walter Dalton is that Perdue recognized North Carolina voters have had enough.”


“Walter Dalton is Bev Perdue’s right-hand man.
Now, Walter Dalton is running away from Perdue.
But, under Perdue and Dalton’s high tax policies, 40,000 more North Carolinians are out of work.
Unemployment is 9.7 percent; one of the nation’s highest.
The Dalton-Perdue new 15 percent sales tax increase will kill 8,000 more North Carolina jobs.
Walter Dalton can’t escape the failed Perdue-Dalton record: Higher taxes – job killing policies.”