RGA Launches First Washington Governor's Race Ad

The Republican Governors Association began airing its first television advertisement in the Washington governor’s race today, focusing on Congressman Jay Inslee’s support for higher taxes and wasteful spending.

The TV ad can be viewed at www.IneffectiveInslee.com.

“No one doubts that Jay Inslee’s heart is in the right place. Unfortunately, his ideas are the wrong ones to move Washington forward,” said RGA communications director Mike Schrimpf. “By raising taxes on small businesses, Jay Inslee has made it harder for them to survive and create the jobs Washington residents need. And while Washington workers hoped the massive spending bill that Jay Inslee supported would drive down unemployment, it failed to deliver its promised results and instead added $800 billion to our nation’s debt.”

“Washington can’t afford four years of a well-meaning, but ineffective governor,” Schrimpf said.