RGA Doubles DGA In Fundraising, Remains In Strong Position To Elect Republican Governors

New Fundraising Figures Show Double The Amount Raised and Double The Cash On Hand From Last Comparable Year

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Republican Governors Association raised $23.5 million for the first half of 2013, nearly doubling the amount raised by the DGA and doubling the amount raised at the same time four years ago. The RGA also announced more than $37 million cash on hand, also double the amount from four years ago, putting the committee in strong position to help re-elect Republican governors and target key Democratic-held seats in 38 governor’s races over the next 15 months.

“Republican governors are driving America’s comeback by balancing budgets, creating jobs, improving education, and pursuing free market solutions to the challenges facing our states. The effective leadership of 30 Republican governors across the nation stands in stark contrast to the gridlock and absence of leadership in Washington, D.C.” said RGA Chairman Bobby Jindal.

“Their strong records of making the tough choices to get results put Republicans in a favorable position for the 2013 and 2014 governor races. Thanks to hard work and a strong team effort, the RGA has empowered Republican governors to continue to lead our nation in the right direction,” Governor Jindal added.

“Republican governors are getting results — balancing budgets, cutting taxes, reforming education, and most importantly, making job creation job one.” said RGA Executive Director Phil Cox. “They are providing results and providing courageous leadership, and the RGA will be there to support and defend them over this critical next 15 months.”

RGA Financial Summary Though June 30 During Non-Presidential/Midterm Years

Year                 Raised            Cash On Hand

2013                $23.5M            $37.4M

2011                $22.1M            $16.2M

2009                $12.2M            $20.4M