RGA Congratulates Governor Scott Walker

Republican Governors Association Chairman Bob McDonnell congratulated Governor Scott Walker on his historic victory tonight in Wisconsin. The RGA spent close to $9 million in Wisconsin, including airing eight television ads and investing in an unprecedented ground game:

“Tonight, Wisconsin voters rewarded political courage. Upon taking office, Governor Walker fearlessly took on the staunch defenders of the status quo and tackled unsustainable entitlements and long-term fiscal liabilities. Governor Walker closed a $3.6 billion deficit without raising taxes; he ushered in the first property tax decrease in a dozen years; he strengthened schools; and he turned around the state’s economy. His actions have made Wisconsin stronger today, and tomorrow. And they have improved the lives of the citizens of Wisconsin.

Voters are ready for political leaders who are willing to follow Governor Walker’s lead and take on the toughest issues; governing with a greater focus on the next generation than the next election. That’s exactly what Governor Walker has done, and his executive leadership contrasts sharply with the absence of leadership in the White House.

While Governor Walker has reined in the state’s debt, dramatically improved the state’s fiscal outlook and helped the private sector create more than 30,000 new jobs, President Obama has added more than $4.7 trillion to the national debt and proposed more than $1 trillion in higher taxes, and the unemployment rate has exceeded 8 percent for 40 consecutive months.

Governor Walker is proof that voters recognize that the status quo is unacceptable and unsustainable.  He has shown there is a better way; a way that leads to prosperity and job creation. Tonight, the voters of Wisconsin have approved of that positive path forward.”