RGA Announces $24.4 Million Raised In First Six Months of 2015, Setting New Fundraising Record

RGA In Strong Financial Position To Defend and Expand Majority Of GOP Governors

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Republican Governors Association announced today $24.4 million raised in the first six months of 2015, surpassing the previous record raised at the same point in 2011, the last comparable first year of a new four-year cycle. The RGA additionally announced that its current cash on hand figure also reached a new milestone, with over $20 million in the bank as of June 30, across all entities. This financial success will enable the RGA to play offense in key Democrat-held states, defend its incumbent governors, and build a strong foundation for the next four years with potentially over 30 open gubernatorial seats up for election.

The RGA also paid off all of the $3 million in debt it carried into 2015 after the 2014 election, when the RGA increased its total from 29 to 31 Republican governors.

“Thanks to the hard work and success of every Republican governor, the RGA is in strong shape financially to defend our incumbents, target Democrat states and elect even more Republican governors over the next four years,” said RGA Chairman Governor Bill Haslam. “Republican governors are transforming their states for the better, driving economic growth, standing up to the Federal Government’s overreach, and getting results. The RGA continues to be the best investment for advancing conservative policies across the country.”

“Republican governors are driving America’s Comeback and getting results in their states,” said RGA Executive Director Paul Bennecke. “The RGA’s fundraising efforts and disciplined spending continue to set new records which ensures RGA will have the resources to be competitive and defend our incumbents against the Big Labor Unions and the Left’s new plan to pour tens of millions of dollars into state elections.”

The RGA reached 31 Republican governors at the beginning of 2015, the most for either Party in 16 years. Roughly 65% of Americans currently have a Republican governor, and in the last nine years, 44 of the 50 states have had a Republican governor. The six states Republicans have not held in the last 10 years are all up for election in 2016, with Democrats defending five open gubernatorial seats over the next two years, while Republicans only face one. This fundraising success gives Republicans the ability to go on offense and win in long held Democrat states and re-elect our incumbents.

Comparable Years: Fundraising as of June 30

Year            Raised                   Cash On Hand

2007                $12.3 Million               $8.1   Million

2011                $22.1 Million               $16.2 Million

2015                $24.4 Million               $20.4 Million