RGA Announces $23.5 Million Raised in the First Quarter of 2014, Smashing Fundraising Records

RGA Cash On Hand Nearly Double That Of 2010 

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association announced today $23.5 million raised in the first quarter of 2014, more than doubling the amount raised at the same point in 2010, the last comparable cycle, and setting a first-quarter RGA fundraising record. The RGA also announced that its cash on hand is nearly double that of four years ago; the committee has nearly $60 million in the bank in a critical election year, with 36 races. This fundraising success will enable the RGA to aggressively defend its incumbent governors and play offense in key Democrat-held states.  The RGA’s 527 raised $22.2 million and the RGA’s 501c4 affiliate raised $1.3 million.

“While Washington is broken, Republican governors are getting results, making government work and putting policies in place to put their states on the right track,” said RGA Chairman Chris Christie. “Republican governors have done more than just talk about reforming government, they have made the tough decisions and gotten results. Thanks to the hard work and success of every Republican governor, we have the resources we need to win these critical elections,” Christie added.

“Republican governors are driving America’s comeback, creating more jobs and opportunity in their states,” said RGA Executive Director Phil Cox. “RGA’s strong financial position will give us the resources to push back against the public sector unions and the White House, who have targeted Republican governors and candidates for defeat.”

Financial Summary During Midterm/Presidential Years

Year                1st Quarter Total          Cash On Hand as of March 31

2014                $23.5M                        $59.6M

2010                $9.1M                          $31.2M