RGA Announces 2016 Leadership

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez Elected RGA Chair, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker Elected RGA Vice Chair

WASHINGTON, D. C. – The Republican Governors Association announced today that New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez was elected to serve as the RGA Chair for 2016. Additionally, Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker was elected to serve as RGA Vice Chair. Both assume the positions immediately.

“Governor Susana Martinez is one of the Republican Party’s best leaders and she is an outstanding choice to lead the RGA for the next year,” said outgoing RGA Chairman Bill Haslam. “She has made the tough decisions necessary to move New Mexico forward and knows what it takes to win in a blue state, a skill that will be vital to ensuring our governors and candidates have the resources they need to win in 2016. It has been an honor to serve with her as my Vice Chair for this past year and I look forward to the success she will achieve as the RGA’s Chair for 2016.”

“The record Governor Scott Walker has established in Wisconsin is enormously impressive, and his experience winning three gubernatorial elections in a blue state will serve the RGA well,” Governor Haslam added. “He has not shied away from any battle, even taking on the labor unions, in order to build a better tomorrow for Wisconsin. That is just the kind of work ethic and spirit the RGA demands of its leaders. His leadership will be paramount to the success of our governors and candidates as we enter 2016.”

“As this year’s gubernatorial elections proved, the RGA is the most effective political organization in the country and it is my honor to serve as RGA Chair for 2016,” said Governor Martinez. “I am eager to build upon the RGA’s 2015 momentum with the 12 gubernatorial elections we have in 2016, each of which presents a real opportunity to elect or re-elect a Republican governor. All across America, Republican chief executives are solving the problems that Americans need fixed and I am proud to serve in this role to help elect more of these outstanding leaders.”

“Our strong majority shows that the RGA knows what it takes to elect real leaders who can get results in their states,” said Governor Walker. “Republican governors are implementing innovative reforms and achieving outstanding results in their states, which is why the RGA’s mission is just as important now as ever before. I am proud to serve with Governor Martinez to continue the RGA’s strong record of success.”

In addition to electing a new Chair and Vice Chair, the RGA also announced that joining Governor Martinez and Governor Walker on the RGA’s Executive Committee for 2016 will include Governors Bill Haslam of Tennessee, Rick Scott of Florida, Mike Pence of Indiana, Nikki Haley of South Carolina, Mary Fallin of Oklahoma, Doug Ducey of Arizona, Charlie Baker of Massachusetts, and Pete Ricketts of Nebraska.