RGA: $52.5 Million Raised In 2013; $50 Million Cash On Hand

Lays Groundwork To Counter Public Sector Union Influence

WASHINGTON D.C. – The Republican Governors Association raised $52.5 million in 2013, significantly eclipsing the amount raised at the same time four years ago. The RGA also announced that its cash on hand is double that of four years ago; the committee has more than $50 million in the bank heading into 2014. A fundraising showing as strong as this enables the RGA to strongly support its incumbent Republican governors, and target key Democrat-held seats, in 36 races for governor this year.

“Republican governors are acting boldly, making tough decisions and providing strong leadership for their states in a way that Washington simply is not,” said RGA Chairman Chris Christie. “Republican governors’ record of accomplishment is unparalleled, and with twice the cash on hand compared to four years ago, the RGA is in strong position to support our candidates and governors this year. Thanks to the generosity of so many supporters, the leadership in 2013 of Governors Jindal and Walker, and the efforts of every Republican governor, we enter 2014 with the resources we need to win,” Christie added.

“Republican governors are driving America’s comeback, balancing budgets without raising taxes, improving education, and implementing policies to create more jobs and opportunity in their states,” said RGA Executive Director Phil Cox. “The RGA’s strong financial position will give us the resources to push back against the public sector unions and the White House, who have made the defeat of Republican governors and candidates in 2014 a priority.”

RGA Financial Summary During Non-Presidential/Midterm Years

Year                 Raised            Cash On Hand

2013                $52.5M           $50M

2011                $44.3M           $26.6M

2009                $30M              $25M