Republican Women Governors Deliver Powerful Messages at GOP Convention

The 2020 Republican National Convention has featured leading conservative voices from across the country delivering powerful messages of hope and inspiring calls to action, including current and former Republican governors.

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds addressed the convention on Tuesday to describe a united Iowa pulling together to recover from the recent derecho storm that ravaged the state, helped by strong and speedy aid from the Trump-Pence administration. She touted the administration of “action and outcomes” as one that helps to see America grow and thrive, and she described the genuine nature of Iowans.

“[Iowa] is home to people that care for one another, who work hard, who love this country and are truly grateful for the freedoms it provides. As I like to say, Iowa is one big small town. Neighbor helping neighbor is in our DNA,” said Governor Reynolds.


Governor Kristi Noem of South Dakota, delivering her speech on Wednesday, drew on the original intentions of America’s Founding Fathers to present a compelling argument for defending individual freedoms and the Constitution, warning against government overreach and liberal policies creating chaos in Democrat-run cities around the country.

“The Republican Party’s commitment to individual rights and self-government is as necessary today as it was in 1860 when we won our first presidential election,” said Governor Noem. “Our party respects individuals based on who they are. We don’t divide people based on their beliefs…We respect people equally under the Constitution and we treat them as Martin Luther King, Jr. wished, according to the content of their character, not the color of their skin.”

Former Republican governors who have ascended to become national leaders also addressed the convention, with former Indiana Governor and Vice President Mike Pence speaking from historic Ft. McHenry on Wednesday. Vice President Pence officially accepted the Republican nomination for a second term, and promised another four years of American greatness, unlimited possibility, and upholding the values our country holds most dear.

Former South Carolina Governor and UN Ambassador Nikki offered an inspiring contrast to the grimness and pessimism that dominated last week’s Democratic National Convention. Her optimistic address highlighted the good in America, in part by telling her compelling story as child of Indian immigrant parents who grew up to be the first female and first minority governor of South Carolina and the U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations under President Trump.

As the RNC comes to a close on Thursday, Americans across the country have a lot to be proud of – including their Republican governors.