Under Republican Leadership, Georgia’s Pro-Jobs Economy Continues To Break Records

Under GOP Governor Nathan Deal and Republican leadership, Georgia’s economy continues to soar to new heights. New job numbers from the month of May show that the number of employed Georgians has now risen to 4.92 million, an increase of over 13,500 from April. At the same time, the state’s unemployment rate has fallen to 4.2 percent, its lowest level since August of 2001. As Georgia continues to experience record-breaking job growth, Governor Deal’s effective conservative leadership is paying huge dividends for working families throughout the state.

The Gwinnett Daily Post reports:

“Georgia set a new record for the number of residents who hold a job last month, the Georgia Department of Labor announced Thursday.

The number of employed Georgians hit 4.92 million in May, which is up 13,552 people from April. In all, the number of employed Georgians is up more than 123,000 people from a year ago, with an average growth rate of 10,250 people per month.

Georgia’s unemployment rate for May was 4.2 percent, which is it’s lowest level since August 2001, according to the Department of Labor.

‘The fact that we are seeing these records month after month shows the continuing strength of Georgia’s economy,’ Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said. ‘In fact, Georgia was recently ranked as the ninth top-performing economy in the nation.’

The number of employed Georgians isn’t the only employment-related number that has been going up. The size of Georgia’s workforce is also growing. The labor department said the workforce has been growing at an average rate of about 8,000 new work-eligible people per month for the last year.”