Republican Governors Join Hugh Hewitt to Discuss American Priorities

WASHINGTON, D.C. – This morning, four Republican governors joined radio host Hugh Hewitt live from the RGA Spring Policy Conference to discuss the importance of strong state governments and how Republican governors are leading their states to the lowest unemployment rates, the best environments for business, and a return to normal for children and families.

RGA Chairman Governor Doug Ducey (AZ), and Governors Mike DeWine (OH), Mike Dunleavy (AK), and Greg Gianforte (MT) explained how they are defending conservative principles and delivering results for the people of their states. Ducey also touched on the state of gubernatorial races going into 2022 and the incredible work the RGA is doing to hold Democrats accountable for their failures.

In case you missed it…

“We have more people working in Arizona today than we did in February of 2020… and rather than being like the federal government and paying people to stay home, we are actually going to incent people to work,” said Governor Doug Ducey.

I am honored that my peers have asked me to lead the RGA,” added Ducey. “We’ve got 38 governors races across the country… and we’ve got pick-up opportunities for the RGA in places like Maine, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin, Kansas and New Mexico.”

If you look at Republican governors, you see a group of people who are focused every day on governing… trying to keep taxes down, keeping regulations down, and focusing on growing the economy,” said Governor Mike DeWine.

We have one of the highest vaccine rates in the nation with regard to our native Alaskans, and native Alaskans constitute 15% of our overall population… a vast majority of our native Alaskans are vaccinated, a vast majority of our elders are and a vast majority of our most vulnerable are,” said Governor Mike Dunleavy.

“We have the feds telling us how to manage our wildlife, how to manage our lands, that’s not anywhere in the Constitution. I think that the Governors are really the last line of defense against this federal overreach,” said Governor Greg Gianforte.