Republican Governors Join Sean Hannity to Discuss Getting America Back On Track

NASHVILLE, TN – Last night, six Republican governors joined Fox News and Sean Hannity for a conversation on how they are delivering results and governing as conservatives in the Biden era. Governors Doug Ducey (AZ), Ron DeSantis (FL), Kim Reynolds (IA), Bill Lee (TN), Kristi Noem (SD), and Chris Sununu (NH) are pushing an agenda centered on defending liberties and challenging Democrats on pressing issues such as supporting law enforcement, securing our nation’s borders and re-building strong economies.

In case you missed it…

“Nobody leaves California because they want to… the lack of opportunity is pushing them out. [California’s declining population] is the result of leadership, policy and lack of quality of life and economic opportunity,” said Governor Doug Ducey.

“The biggest mistake is locking these kids out of school. [Democrat-led states] are not following science, this is politics and ideology. And quite frankly, it’s a disgrace,” said Governor Ron DeSantis.

“In Iowa, we’re cutting taxes, we’re reducing regulations, we’ve had our kids in school, we are encouraging growth and development and we’re open for business,” said Governor Kim Reynolds.

“The left likes to say follow the science until they don’t… You can’t say follow the science and wear a mask after you’re vaccinated. And you certainly cannot put COVID patients back in the nursing homes if you follow the science,” said Governor Bill Lee.

“What’s happened during this pandemic has allowed us to tell our story. Thousands of people are moving to our state, and when you ask them they say they want to live somewhere where the government respects them, they want to live somewhere where they can be free,” said Governor Kristi Noem.

“This is not a southern border crisis, this is an American crisis… There is no doubt that has an impact all across this country and everyone has to acknowledge that and be a part of the solution,” said Governor Chris Sununu.