Republican Governors Association Launches First TV Ad In Kentucky Governor’s Race

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The Republican Governors Association (RGA), through its affiliate organization Putting Kentucky First, today released its first television ad of the Kentucky gubernatorial election. The ad, titled “Family Business,” introduces Andy Beshear to Kentucky general election voters as the entitled son of a former governor trading on his family name, more concerned with advancing his career than serving his state.

The ad, which will run statewide on broadcast and cable, highlights Beshear’s work for the law firm where Steve Beshear served as managing partner, including representing clients seeking tax incentives from the state while his father was governor; and his use of his father’s name and influence to advance his political career, including running an ad in the primary featuring his parents praising him on healthcare. The spot concludes with the message “Andy Beshear puts himself first.”

Alongside the ad, Putting Kentuckians First launched a webpage,, featuring the ad and key facts about Beshear’s record.

Watch “Family Business” at

“Andy Beshear’s resume tells the tale of a power-hungry influence peddler who has traded on his name to get ahead instead of rolling up his sleeves and working for it the old fashioned way,” said RGA Communications Director Amelia Chassé Alcivar. “From his ethically questionable work representing clients seeking benefits from the state while his dad was governor, to his blatant use of his family name to get elected, Andy Beshear has always put himself first – not Kentucky.”

“Family Business” Script:

For Andy Beshear, politics and influence peddling is the family business.

Beshear has traded on his dad’s name his whole life.

Taking a cushy job at the law firm where his dad was managing partner.

Then grabbing big tax breaks for his clients, while his dad was governor.

Beshear cashed in at our expense.

Now Andy thinks it’s his turn to be Governor, riding his dad’s coattails to higher office.

Andy Beshear puts himself first.