Report: Democrats Face “Uphill Battle” In Iowa Governor’s Race With Out-of-Touch Candidates

Iowa Democrats have already come under fire for moving further left in a state that’s trending red, with candidates unable to appeal to rural voters. Now, another report is highlighting how an internal Iowa Democratic party war is brewing, with progressives already attacking one of their gubernatorial frontrunners as an out-of-touch elitist.

The Daily Caller reports that progressives have “already begun to paint” candidate Fred Hubbell as “an elitist” and “out of touch.” Hubbell recently hobnobbed with Hollywood’s Alec Baldwin at a fundraising gala. He also recently resigned from the board of his country club to run for governor.

“Progressives who attended the event came out against Hubbell, accusing him of being out of touch and holding up silver spoons during his speech, The Des Moines Register reported — signaling he could face issues uniting his party.”

While Democrats fight amongst themselves and move further left, GOP Governor Kim Reynolds is presiding over a period of strong economic growth in the state, demonstrating that stable, conservative leadership is bringing results.