Report: AZ Gov Candidate Implicated in Corruption Scheme

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Democrat candidate for AZ governor, Marco Lopez, is implicated in what the DOJ called “the largest foreign bribery case in history,” that “led one Latin American former president to kill himself rather than submit to arrest” according to a new report.

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Documents show that Lopez’s company, Intermestic Partners/International Strategic Solutions, received a $35,000 wire transfer from a Swiss bank account for two months’ worth of work on Peña Nieto’s campaign. Lozoya testified and provided transfer logs showing that money was part of a more than $3 million bribe from Odebrecht that illegally fueled the campaign in exchange for an agreement for future inflated public works contracts.

…Neither Lopez, his campaign nor his business would answer questions about what, exactly, he did on a day-to-day basis to earn that money. 

The money was then laundered through the Swiss bank account for Latin America Asia Capital Holdings, Lozoya’s shell business in the British Virgin Islands, to skirt campaign finance laws before being paid to Lopez and other campaign consultants, according to Lozoya’s testimony and the receipts he turned over to Mexican prosecutors.

With alleged “racist” Katie Hobbs and corrupt politician Marco Lopez battling it out for the Democratic nomination for Governor in AZ, will the DGA admit their massive recruiting failure in the state?