Ralph Northam’s Contributions Cause Headaches For His Democrat Base Voters

Despite his attempts to play both sides of the fence on energy pipeline construction in Virginia, Democrat gubernatorial candidate Ralph Northam’s support for such projects has caused problems with his party’s left-wing voters, threatening to cost him much needed votes this November. But with just weeks to go until Election Day, Northam’s problems with anti-pipeline Democrats show no signs of fading. According to his most recent campaign finance report, Northam took a $10,000 contribution from Marcellus Gas Infrastructure, which is responsible for natural gas fracking efforts throughout the Mid-Atlantic and has supported pipeline construction to move their product.

After months of taking heat from anti-pipeline Democrats, who have booed him at campaign events, protested his office openings, and threatened to withhold votes from him, Northam continues to further threaten his hopes of uniting his party ahead of the November election.