Ralph Northam Goes From George W. Bush to Bernie Sanders

Since Ralph Northam’s coronation for the Virginia Democrat gubernatorial nomination was spoiled by Tom Perriello’s unexpected entry into the race, he’s flip-flopped and taken far-left positions in a desperate attempt to compete with Perriello’s extremist campaign. But as Northam has tried to win over Bernie Sanders Democrats with proposals like “free” college that would be paid for with massive tax hikes on Virginia families, some inconvenient details of his past have emerged that contradict his newfound narrative.

Not only did Ralph Northam vote – twice – for Republican George W. Bush for president, but he almost flipped the Virginia State Senate away from the Democrats by switching parties in 2009, the same year Barack Obama became president. New York Magazine reports:

“Now, however, the worm may be turning, after a New York Times article on the Virginia race noted the little-known fact that Ralph Northam has admitted he voted for George W. Bush for president twice. His defense is that he was ‘an apolitical doctor at the time,’ and he regrets his votes. But the disclosure reminded observers of reports that Northam came close to switching parties and awarding control of the Virginia Senate to the GOP in 2009.”

While Northam’s campaign has tried to rewrite history, emphasizing his “progressive Democratic values,” his record of supporting conservative Republicans and undermining Virginia Democrats directly contradicts his campaign’s new narrative. Just like Tom Perriello, Ralph Northam is willing to say or do anything to appease his party’s far-left base.