Radical Liberal Cathy Glasson’s Single-Payer Math Doesn’t Add Up

In Iowa’s Democrat gubernatorial primary, Radical Liberal Cathy Glasson is running on a far-left agenda, focused on making a single-payer government run healthcare system her signature campaign issue. But at a recent Q & A with The Gazette, Glasson gave a typical politician answer to the most basic question – how would she fund her single-payer plan?

Glasson has previously gone on record stating that her plan could cost a whopping $12 billion, at least. But in her interview with The Gazette, Glasson only specified that she could raise $600 million in revenue by ending some tax breaks. In other words, Glasson has only accounted how to pay for five percent of her radical plan.

It’s time for Cathy Glasson to be honest – where will the other 95% of the $12 billion price tag come from? How high would she raise Iowa taxes to pay for her radical healthcare ideas? Glasson’s math simply doesn’t add up.

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