More racism accusations for Terry McAuliffe

Last night’s Virginia Gubernatorial debate proved that fellow Democrats aren’t willing to let Terry McAuliffe’s race issue go away any time soon.

Days after Huffington Post published Terry McAuliffe’s Record On Race Gets A Second Look In Virginia Governor’s Race and weeks after Jennifer Carroll Foy accused McAuliffe of using his political capital to pressure minority legislators to endorse him over minority candidates in the race, McAuliffe is once again being accused of racism.

Justin Fairfax“We can’t just talk theoretically about what generally happens, but we have a real-world example where I was falsely accused in 2019,” said Fairfax, who is Black. “Everyone here on the stage called for my immediate resignation, including Terry McAuliffe. … He treated me like George Floyd. He treated me like Emmett Till — no due process, immediately assumed my guilt.”

“Democrat establishment favorite Terry McAuliffe has a race issue that just won’t go away,” said RGA Spokesperson Maddie Anderson. “Despite being accused repeatedly of racism by fellow Democrats and using his political machine to pressure politicians to endorse him over three minority candidates in the race, McAuliffe refuses to step aside and believes his establishment connections will allow him to coast to a primary victory. McAuliffe must immediately address the accusations and explain to voters why exactly he is more qualified for the governorship than each of the minority candidates in the race.”