Providence Journal Shreds Dem Gov Gina Raimondo’s “Rosy” Picture Of Rhode Island Economy

Failed Democrat governor Gina Raimondo’s phony talking points that Rhode Island is improving economically under her leadership aren’t fooling anyone. Less than a week after new rankings showed Rhode Island’s business climate continuing to fall further behind, a new editorial in the Providence Journal this weekend blasted Raimondo’s “rosy” picture of the state’s economy, highlighting how that it “remains weak and limping along:”

“Indeed, the disappointing revenue numbers reported last week, and the now-reduced projections going forward, are signs that Rhode Island’s economy is far from vibrant. It remains weak and limping along, merely following the lead of the U.S. economy.

Yes, the state’s unemployment rate is lower than it’s been in 16 years. But that is largely because Rhode Island has lost thousands of workers over the past decade. Many have moved away or given up seeking work. 

…John Simmons, executive director of the Rhode Island Public Expenditure Council, points out that the growth is in ‘areas of lower wage positions’ (R.I. faces new $99.6 million budget shortfall,” news, May 11). The state is not ‘growing in the areas of higher wage and higher margins,’ which means Rhode Island is not adding the jobs that are crucial to the state’s economic recovery.”

As Gina Raimondo and her staff refuse to accept any blame for Rhode Island’s budgetary failures while pushing phony stats to paint a false picture of job growth as the state lost hundreds of jobs in March, they continue to show their complete inability to tackle the very serious economic challenges facing Rhode Islanders today. Voters will remember Raimondo’s unacceptable failures come 2018, no mater how much money Democrat groups in Washington spend on ads trying to save her.