Promises Kept: New England GOP Governors Continue To Stand Up For Taxpayers

As they hold firm on opposing tax hikes on working families, New England’s GOP Governors are setting a clear example for promoting fiscal responsibility. Their efforts have continued to create positive economic outcomes for the people of their states that would not have been possible under Democrat governors.

In Vermont, Governor Phil Scott pledged to veto proposed legislation that would increase taxes, following through on his firm promise to do so, while Governor Charlie Baker of Massachusetts earned high praise from the Lowell Sun for drawing “a line in the sand against raising taxes.” Governor Chris Sununu of New Hampshire has also remained committed to reducing the tax burden for his constituents, returning $36 million in 2017 surpluses to towns and municipalities so they could provide tax relief.

As New England’s GOP Governors stand up against job-killing tax hikes and reckless spending, they continue to fulfill their promise to voters to make government more accountable to taxpayers.