Prognosis: Pothole

Photo Credit: Dale Young

Gretchen Whitmer’s promise to fix the damn roads has driven directly into another traffic cone-sized pothole.

new report from her administration shows that roads continue to get worse, with only 25% of roads and 36% of bridges rated as in good condition.


Even worse, the report shows that conditions are expected to continue to deteriorate, with only 19% of roads expected to be in good condition by 2033.

Whitmer has failed to deliver any solution, only proposing a radical tax increasewhich would have caused gas prices to cost nearly $5 per gallon.

“After three years of broken promises from Gretchen Whitmer, Michigan roads continue to deteriorate at a record pace while families are forced to fork over thousands every year,” said RGA Spokesman Chris Gustafson. “With only a quarter of roads in good condition and conditions projected to worsen, Whitmer has failed to ‘fix the damn roads’ and proven that she’s not up to the challenge.”

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