Police critic Whitmer warns police of critics

Photo credit: Dale Young

Gretchen Whitmer warned a class of graduating Michigan State Police Troopers that they would face some critics, and she was right. In fact, Gretchen Whitmer has been one of the most vocal critics of law enforcement in Michigan.

Whitmer has publicly said that she “supports the spirit” of the defund the police movement, campaigned with police abolitionist Rashida Tlaib, and even said she supports abolishing ICE.

“Gretchen Whitmer has failed to support the men and women of Michigan law enforcement for years, resorting to finger pointing instead of working to keep Michiganders safe,” said RGA Spokesperson Chris Gustafson. “No amount of meaningless platitudes will make up for Whitmer’s anti-police comments that continue to prove she is unfit to lead.”