Planned Parenthood: Katie Hobbs Promised to Condemn Law Enforcement’s Support

Photo credit: Ross D. Franklin—AP

Katie Hobbs told Planned Parenthood she would do anything for their endorsement — even rejecting law enforcement’s support — and they delivered.

According to a new Axios report, “the political arm of Planned Parenthood Arizona is requiring candidates to either reject or return contributions from law enforcement organizations to receive an endorsement.”

And as you can see on Planned Parenthood’s website that promotes their endorsed candidates, Katie Hobbs agreed.

“Katie Hobbs is no friend of police, and her promise to reject law enforcement’s support in order to receive a political endorsement is living proof of her radical agenda,” said RGA spokesman Will Reinert. “Katie Hobbs won’t keep the border secure from gangs and cartels crossing the border and won’t back the blue as they try to keep Arizona’s neighborhoods safe from that same threat.”