Pennsylvania Hours Away From Going Broke As Dem Gov Tom Wolf Is MIA

Pennsylvania is on the verge of going broke for the first time in its history – and failed Democrat Governor Tom Wolf is nowhere to be found.

NBC Philadelphia sounded the alarm last night, writing that “Pennsylvania will go broke Friday…The state’s general fund will run dry.”

As Pennsylvania’s fiscal crisis worsens, Governor Tom Wolf is refusing to do his job and provide leadership. The Morning Call writes, “Wolf, a Democrat, has taken a back seat in budget talks for months.”

In fact, Tom Wolf is now being sued over his refusal to exercise his tools as Governor and balance the budget with line item veto power.

The Patriot-News reports, “Saying Gov. Tom Wolf and the General Assembly have been violating the state constitution for the past two years by enacting unbalanced budgets, a trio of Pennsylvanians have decided the time is right to ask the court to put a stop to it.”

John Micek, columnist for the Patriot-News, explains, “Pennsylvania’s administrative code requires the governor to ‘line-item veto any part of any appropriation bill that causes total appropriations’ to exceed available revenue and any surpluses.” But Tom Wolf refused.

Wolf has proven himself incapable of leading Pennsylvania forward.