Pennsylvania Dem Gov Tom Wolf Slammed For Breaking “Key” Campaign Promise On Transparency

Pennsylvania Democrat Governor Tom Wolf continues to face negative headlines over his refusal to release the results of a taxpayer-funded investigation into allegations that his Democratic Lieutenant Governor Mike Stack, along with his wife, mistreated state troopers on their protection detail.

Now the York Dispatch is joining the Tribune-Review and the Times-Tribune in slamming Wolf for his about-face on government transparency, which was a “key plank” of his 2014 gubernatorial campaign. The York Dispatch editorial board calls out Wolf for keeping the report “under wraps” and notes that Wolf “appears to be backtracking” on his promises of running a transparent government.

Gov. Tom Wolf should release the results of a publicly funded state inspector general investigation into Lt. Gov. Mike Stack, a fellow Democrat who faced heavy criticism last year following reports he and his wife mistreated state troopers assigned to protect them.”

“We’re disappointed it has come to this, considering governmental transparency was a key plank of Wolf’s 2014 campaign for governor.”