PAY MORE? Far-Left Colorado Democrat Jared Polis Promises Massive New Tax Hikes

Less than three weeks until Election Day, Radical Far-Left Colorado Democrat gubernatorial nominee Jared Polis is finally beginning to come clean on his support of massive tax hikes.

After dodging questions on tax hikes for months, at a debate earlier this week, Polis was finally forced to admit that he supports a massive new energy tax in Colorado.

This massive new tax would be on top of at least four other tax hikes that Polis already supports. Making matters worse, none of these tax hikes would pay for Polis’s plan for a government takeover of health care that would require more than DOUBLING income taxes and that Polis has admitted would “most likely” be financed by a massive new payroll tax on working families.

Jared Polis wants to impose massive tax hikes that would crush Colorado’s economy and working families. Coloradans can’t afford to pay for Polis’s radical far-left agenda.