parents = domestic terrorists?

The Biden Administration has authorized the FBI to investigate parents who do not support CRT in schools and want a say in their child’s education, saying that parents who speak out against school administrators and boards are “domestic terrorism” threats.

This is right up Terry McAuliffe’s alley. After he said in a debate that parents should not have a role in their child’s education, he doubled down on his anti-parent stance the next day.

“The Biden Administration instructing the FBI to label parents who dare to criticize their children’s educators as domestic terrorists is a shocking action,” said RGA Spokesperson Maddie Anderson. “The epicenter of the education debate is in Virginia, and Democrat candidate Terry McAuliffe cannot remain silent on the latest abuse of power by Joe Biden, who endorsed and campaigned for him. We already know that McAuliffe does not believe parents should have a say in their child’s education — he needs to immediately let voters know if he’s also supportive of labeling parents concerned about their children as domestic terrorists.”