Oregon’s Obamacare Disaster Worsens Under Dem Gov Kate Brown

Under Democrat governor and Obamacare apologist Kate Brown, Oregon’s disastrous experience with the failing healthcare law continues to worsen after reports that the state dispensed millions of dollars in Medicaid benefits to potentially ineligible recipients with the state skipping the normal once-a-year eligibility checks following Obamacare’s implementation. New reports reveal that out of the 115,000 recipients on the state Medicaid backlog, as many as 32,000, or roughly 28 percent of the total, were likely ineligible. This is just the latest example of Brown’s mismanagement that leaves Oregon taxpayers picking up the tab.

The Oregonian reports:

“Oregon Health Authority officials told a legislative committee Tuesday that the agency might have provided Medicaid benefits to some 32,000 people who no longer qualified for them.

If historical trends hold true, as the state processes a backlog of 115,000 Medicaid renewals, 28 percent of them could be deemed ineligible because they make too much money…

The agency declined to estimate how much money the state and federal governments might have paid to cover the estimated 32,000 non-qualifiers or over what period of time. But given the $430 a month average monthly benefit, 32,000 people could have cost as much as $165 million in a year.”

Even after the collapse of Oregon’s Obamacare Co-op Cover Oregon lost millions of taxpayer dollars, Kate Brown continues to tout Obamacare as “cost-effective”, while her administration’s incompetence threatens to cost millions more in its accommodations for Obamacare.