Oregon’s Economic Outlook Worsens As Dem Gov Kate Brown Pushes Massive $700 Million Carbon Tax

Oregon’s jobs rate fell for the second consecutive month in September, with the Oregonian noting that it’s “another sign the state’s economy is cooling.”

Embattled Governor Kate Brown’s solution to Oregon’s reduced employment? A massive, $700 million tax hike.

Instead of pushing for pro-growth reforms, Brown is reportedly preparing to force through a $700 million tax hike, branded as a “hidden tax on energy.”

The Bend Bulletin editorial board slammed Kate Brown last week for her tax hike push, saying it could cause Oregon’s economy to “drop like a rock.”

The Bend Bulletin writes,

“For consumers, it would likely mean paying more for pretty much everything. It would work like a hidden tax on energy. Would Oregon’s economy drop like a rock?”

“If Oregon implements the tax, those businesses have a new incentive to pick up and move more operations to places where it is cheaper. The cap-and-invest program could become the “showing-business-the-door” program.”

Kate Brown needs to get serious about Oregon’s economic outlook and drop her tax hike plan.