Oregonian: Facing A $1.6 Billion Deficit, Dem Gov Kate Brown Offers “Late, Limited” Budget Ideas

As Oregon faces a $1.6 billion budget deficit, failed Democrat governor Kate Brown’s new plan to address the issue by passing the buck to state lawmakers is getting bad reviews by the state’s press corps. A new editorial in The Oregonian describes Brown’s disappointing ideas as “late” and “limited” when it comes to solving the state’s tremendous budgetary mess:

“If Oregonians had hoped Gov. Kate Brown could deliver a grand plan this legislative session that would help lift the state budget out of its deep deficit and define a path toward sustained financial stability, they’re likely as disappointed as we are.

More than halfway through this session, the governor unveiled a few ideas recently in a plan feebly entitled “Governor Kate Brown, Responsible Steward of Taxpayer Dollars.” If the adage is true that a governor proposes and the legislature disposes, as Brown herself asserted in a recent meeting with The Oregonian/OregonLive Editorial board, one thing is clear:

State lawmakers are on the hook for both jobs this session if there’s any hope to make substantial and lasting change to Oregon’s broken budget…

Despite the fact the governor is surrounded by smart people and oversees the agencies managing state assets, she’ll hand off the duty of identifying potential targets to a task force. She’s also asked someone else – the state’s chief operating officer, Katy Coba — to pick the task force members, who’ll deliver their recommendation in November. That’s four months after the session will have ended.”