Oregonian Endorses Knute Buehler For Governor: He Is Willing To Take “Courageous Action” To Solve Oregon’s Problems

Republican Knute Buehler’s surging campaign for Oregon governor received a major endorsement this weekend, with the state’s largest paper, the Oregonian, announcing its endorsement of Buehler. Unlike Democrat Governor Kate Brown, who has “little vision and no urgency,” Buehler is willing to be a “leader” and take on the state’s biggest challenges, like failing schools and a worsening pension crisis.

Calling him the candidate “who can best lead Oregon,” the Oregonian laid out the case for why the deep-blue state should oust Democrat Kate Brown and elect Buehler as governor.

The Oregonian writes,

Simply, the Oregon governor’s race is about who can best lead Oregon in tackling the human and economic crises unfolding on our home turf. From the state’s distressed K-12 education system to the critical need for pension reform to encouraging more affordable-housing construction, Oregon is running out of time to responsibly address these challenges. With little vision and no urgency by Brown in her nearly four years as governor, and insufficient experience from Independent Party nominee Patrick Starnes, voters fortunately have a strong alternative. Oregonians should vote for the candidate who is willing to take courageous action on these entrenched problems and mark their ballots for Knute Buehler.

…But in nearly four years as governor, Brown never owned the role. It’s time for Oregonians to give it to someone who will.