Oregonian Blasts Dem Gov Kate Brown For Betraying Transparency Promise Just Days Before The Election

The Oregonian is once again blasting Democrat Governor Kate Brown for betraying her promises on transparency, this time just days before the election. Earlier this year, Brown’s chief of staff claimed that Brown had “the most transparent administration in memory.”

But just this week, “the Brown administration sought to delay releasing key information in two separate incidents – school performance ratings in one case and 2019 legislation proposals in the other – until after the Nov. 6 election.”

The Oregonian says Kate Brown’s actions to promote “secrecy” and hide documents from public view “hardly seems to be the mark of a leader who prioritizes open government.” It raises questions as to whether Oregonians “can trust” Brown “to do what’s right for the public.”

Brown should “quit withholding documents that are of legitimate public interest and give voters the unvarnished picture they deserve of her record and plans,” the Oregonian writes.

By now, Oregon voters know that Kate Brown will never embrace transparency. It’s yet another reason why Oregonians should oust Brown and elect Knute Buehler as governor.