Oregon Schools “Show No Improvement” Under Dem Gov Kate Brown

Just weeks after embattled Oregon Democrat Governor Kate Brown forced out her state schools chief, Brown is facing criticism over her state’s lackluster performance on education standards and her “revolving door of upper management.”

In addition to the number of chronically absent students rising to nearly 20 percent this year, the East Oregonian explains that under Kate Brown, “Oregon schools show no improvement” as they continue to rank among the worst in the nation.

The East Oregonian editorial board writes,

It has been another week of distressing news for an Oregon education system that continues to rank among the worst in the country.”

“Administration after administration, from state government all the way down to local school districts, have promised reforms and improvement.”

“Yet new initiatives, new tests to measure progress, new management, new programs and new funding sources are always stymied — they lack follow-through and soon enough Oregon education is back where it started, though pointed down a different shady path.”

“…So back to square one for Oregon education. Back to the back of the pack.”

Kate Brown has failed Oregon students – it’s time for new leadership in Salem.